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English Seekho is a mobile based learning solution which will help you to learn how to speak in English and improve on your conversational skills. You do not require any high end handset or internet connectivity to use the service. Just Dial 1800221009 (Toll Free) and learn English at your convenience!

Learn in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Oriya!



English Seekho will help you to learn English in short 5-8 minute lessons. The product is available in 7 regional Indian Language. The service contains 44 lessons, organized into 10 chapters. Each lesson is followed by practice session which will help you to improve your learning. The entire course content is designed in a very user-centric fashion to allow picking up of key concepts of English conversation.

1 Greetings and Introductions Namaste aur Parichay
2 Greetings Hi, Hello aur Namaskar
3 Introducing Your Name Apna Parichay
4 Likes Pasand
5 Dislikes Na-pasand
6 Leave Taking Bye Bye Kehna
7 First Meetings Pahlee Mulakaten
8 First interactions with People Pahlee Mulakaten
9 Meeting People Logon se milna
10 Decision Making Chayan Karna
11 At the Doctor's Doctor ke paas
12 People You Know Aap jinko jaante hain
13 Asking about People Logon ke baare mein poochna
14 Telling about People Logon ke baarey mein batana
15 Family Parivaar/Kutumb
16 Emergency Apaat Stithi
17 Places Jagah/Sthan
18 Where you're from Aap kaha ke nivasi ho
19 Asking for Directions Ataa Pataa poochna
20 Landmarks Jaane Maane sthal
21 Time Samay
22 Time Kaal ko samajhna
23 Days of the Week Saptah ke din
24 Telling the Time Samay batana
25 Setup a meeting Meeting Nishchit Karna
26 Contexts Aam Jagahon par Baatcheet
27 Supermarket Supermarket Mein Jaana
28 Railway Station Railway Station Par
29 Hospital Aspataal mein Baatcheet
30 Bank Bank Mein Baatcheet
31 Airport Airport mein Baatcheet
32 Applying for a Course Course ki Arzi
33 Making Yourself Understood Apni Raaye aur Bhavnayen
34 Asking for Opinions Raaye Mangna
35 Giving your Opinion Raaye Dena
36 Express your Feelings Bhavnayen Express Karna
37 Other Feelings Kuch Aur Bhavnayen
38 Sorry Thank you and Please Sorry Thankyou and Please
39 Talking on the Phone Phone par Baatcheet
40 Talking on the Phone Phone par Baatcheet
41 Leaving a Message Sandesha Chodna
42 Appointments on the Phone Phone par Appointment Lena
43 Some more Talking on the Phone Phone par kuch aur Baatcheet
44 Congratulating Vishesh Avsar par Badhai Dena
45 Social Life Samajik Baatcheet
46 At the Movie Theatre Movie Theatre Par
47 With Friends at a Restaurant Apne Doston ke saath Restaurant Mein
48 Making Friends Dost Banana
49 Talking with your Special Friend Apne Special Dost se Baatein
50 Style Talk Style Talk
51 Professional Conversations Kaam ke Sandarbhon Mein Baatcheet
52 Setting up a Job Interview Job Interview Nishchit Karna
53 Talking to the Receptionist Receptionist se Baatcheet
54 Talking in an Interview Interview Mein Baatcheet





To use the English Seekho service on your mobile, you need a unique PIN. A new PIN comes with 150 minutes of usage and 60 days validity from the day it is registered. Just dial 1800-22-1009 (toll-free) and follow the instructions to register the PIN from your mobile/telephone.

NOTE : Each PIN is mapped to a single mobile/telephone. You must use the same phone to access the service again.


Contact us to buy a PIN and get started. We also offer special pricing for institutional and corporate users.

Bhavesh Gupta


IL&FS Education, the social infrastructure arm of the IL&FS Group is one of India's leading Education company offering large scale, core education solutions such as training, governance, school refurbishment, curriculum building, skill development and various new media solutions in Education. The company has forayed into Education solutions through New Media channels like Mobile, DTH, Tablet and Internet. The products are positioned on two key verticals Mobile Education and Mobile Health. English Seekho, a spoken English Program on Mobile Phones, launched by IL&FS Education in September 2009 provides the user an opportunity to learn English through short 5 to 8 minutes lesson.